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Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia


Czech Republic

About us

Mainly we are focused on influencer marketing. Currently we operate in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania. We provide for your company collaboration with top influencers in every country mentioned earlier. In addition, we offer you online customer service, e-mail and chat communication and also translation activities.

Influencer marketing - Instagram

What influencer marketing offers for your company


By advertising your product on influencer’s profile, hundreds of thousands of people can instantly get information about your brand

New customers

Instagram is used by more than 1 billion people around the world. They are all potential customers, whom to your reputation about the company will be accessible without them having to look or ask for

Authentic source

Potential buyers will recieve a reference from the person they are following, that they believe is authentic. By this, advertising will be a personal racommandation of the product, from somebody who already used, tested and has experience with it


With regular influencer marketing we ensure that people will see the uniqueness of your products and services every month

How it works

At the beginning of the cooperation you have to tell us your ideas. For example in which country do you want to build your brand, on which market, etc. so we will be able to create you a plant.

There are different influencers in each country, mainly with different needs and methods for collaborations. You don’t have to waste your time getting this information. We assure you that everything will be efficient for your company.

Each product is unique and depends how it is advertised on social media. We have experience so we can provide you that your product(s) will be presented in a natural way and it will be attractive to everyone.

Working only with high quality influencers

For start-ups and people without experience in influencer marketing, it can be difficult to decide who is a real and successful person on social media platforms, obviously without purchased followers. We work only with certified influencers.

Cooperations are organized quickly and efficiently
We supervize the promotion of your product
By diversifying and growing the customer portfolio, turnover will show an increasing trend
With us you can save time and money

Customer support


You don’t have to look for a separate company, we provide you with everything at once


We offer online customer service on Facebook, Instagram, by e-mail in languages such as: Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Slovak

Professional profile

We will manage your Facebook and Instagram profile by creating and adding photos and videos on it


We offer translations for your company, be it a website, contracts, etc. The price of the translation is determined on standard pages. A standard page contains 1800 characters, including spaces.


Collabs with influencers
Order growth

We work with companies from a variety of industries who knows that social networks have a huge potential to gain new customers and it will increase the turnover. Due to the fact that we are advertising mostly on Instagram, we offer the possibility to make your product known in other countries in a relatively short time.


Influencer marketing service

Single fee for cooperation agreement:

  • cooperation
  • ensuring payment (taxable)
  • product delivery
  • ensuring the posting (stories, videos, posts)

Online customer service

Monthly fee based on:

  • Number of answered messages / comments
  • Number of phone calls
  • Number of answered e-mails
  • Translations (page)



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Helga Menyhárt

Manager - Romania Hungary

Karina Vörösová

Office Manager

Agata Zareba

Manager - Poľsko

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If you are interested in our services, please contact us by filling out the form, either by e-mail or by phone. Write us what service you would be interested in, what activity your company has and in which country you want to advertise your products. We will come back with more information and price.

Your personal information won’t be used, just to reply to your request.

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