Company CL solution, s.r.o. as the operator of notifies customers that, in order to provide the proper and user-friendly operation, these websites use cookies which are sometimes saved on devices of our customers.
What are cookies?
Cookie files are small text files which can be saved on customer’s device (computer or other device with Internet access, such as smartphones or tablets) by a website during its browsing. Cookie files are saved in the web browser file. On the next visit, the web browser will load the cookie files and will send this information back to the website that originally created the cookies. Thanks to this file, the website saves e.g. information on customer’s steps and preferences (such as login name, language, font size, and other display settings, etc.) for a certain time so the customer does not have to insert them again when visiting the website next time or when browsing its subpages. Cookie files used by CL solution do not harm the customer’s computer. 
Use of cookies
Websites of CL solution use cookies in order to improve services, remember user settings, better match customer’s interests and to ensure proper performance of the websites. By using the websites, customers give consent to using cookies in compliance with the browser settings. If customer visits the website of Cl solution and browser allows receiving the cookies, CL solution is entitled to consider it consent to the cookies policy. Customer can find the instructions for changing cookies in the “help” bar of each browser, eventually it is possible to find details on these files and how they work at
How can a customer manage cookie settings?
Customer can manage cookies in his/her web browser. Most browsers accept cookies by default. This setting can be changed by blocking cookies or by setting the notification on if cookies are to be sent to the customer’s device. However, turning off some cookies may impact performance of the websites operated by CL solution. All saved cookie files can be also deleted by customer; however, they may be saved on the customer’s device again on the next visit, if they are not disabled.