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If using Photos or Files, open the image inside of the app, then tap the Share button to bring up the share sheet. A window will appear with many options to choose from, but you’ll find "Get Sauce" in the vertical list. Once you tap on it, choose the reverse image search engine you want to use. You can perform a reverse image search with Get Sauce from content in the Photos or Files app, just like the direct method above, but you can also search via an image’s URL in a web browser.

While it won’t show you similar images like the Google Image reverse image search does, it will allow you to how an image may have been edited for use by different people online. Often photographs are recycled and/or doctored to fuel interest and provide visual "proof" for fake news. Knowing how to do a reverse image search can help you identify most photographs like this. The image below was run through TinEye, a more minimal reverse image search engine than Google Images. From the image selected, it found several dozen links to different webpages where the image also appears, along with image sizes and dates.

  • If not, you can just make the needed switch from here and check if there is still no sound coming from the laptop or not.
  • If the headphone jack has dirt or debris in it softwares downloading sites, then it can also make your laptop not playing sound.
  • Make sure that you have connected the headphones in the output jack and not the microphone one.
  • Firstly, check that the media file you are trying to play is not corrupted and that its format should be supported by the media player.
  • Also, on some laptops, there are different jacks for microphones and audio output .
  • For this, disconnect the headphones, and use a dry cloth or a pin to clean the jack.

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Next, click on the camera button and upload your image. You can either upload a link to your image or google reverse image search within your iPhone camera roll. Your directions for doing a reverse image search will vary depending on what type of device you are using, and what type of search engine you use. Reverse image searches have also come in handy when searching for stolen images on my blog. (You’d be surprised how often it happens!) Luckily, doing a reverse images search takes just a few seconds and I can identify any pictures that may have been used without permission.


This could be the case for websites which do not index their images. When it comes to matching the exact image, Yandex, Bing Visual Search and TinEye actually surpassed Google. However, Google was able to identify information about the place better. From all four of them, Google gave the most details about the place.

So depending on if you are after finding the exact image as it was shot or wanting to know where the place is, you may opt for different reverse image search engines. Trying to find the origins of an image or find out what it is?

All of the above reverse image search engines have their benefits and drawbacks. It is very dependent on the image you put forward and their total image index. Also, note that certain instances will produce zero results.


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